About Us

161MEDIA is a company offering digital media for clients through Platform161. It sells online, video and mobile advertising spaces via its own high-performing Demand Side Platform (DSP) that was developed in-house and it uses its own optimisation algorithm to deliver these in real time. 161MEDIA’s technology combines target group data based on contextual and behavioural factors and by means of a comprehensive, automated solution, such as real-time campaign adjustment, enables the best possible control over branding and performance targets. This innovative technology,used by more than 300 clients, is already integrated into all large RTB platforms. In Germany alone, Platform161 covers over 90% of all internet users.

Over 2,000 world-famous brands are presented via the 161MEDIA platform in the form of a display, mobile, video or social media advertisement. 161MEDIA is headquartered in Amsterdam and also has branches in five European cities. In Germany, the company is represented in Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

For more information about 161MEDIA, visit: www.161media.com

Business size

101-500 employees