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Everyone consumes, but we all do it in a different way. For this reason companies are very interested in your opinion to adjust demand and supply. We at ConsumerHouse need YOU to be a part of its panel and contribute to our market research by participating in group discussions or personal interviews.
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ConsumerHouse conducts quantitative research as well as qualitative research.
We have the newest facilities and like to welcome clients and consumers with a warm treat. Furthermore we have acces to a large database and we always pay attention to the right recruitment.
Every project deserves a complete dedication which is lead by very engaged and entrepreneurial team that can support the client during the whole project.


We have rooms available in Antwerp and Liège. In Ghent we work together with intrinsiQ, our partner in recruitment and qualitative research.

Joke ,our Business Manager, is your point of contact:
She is responsible for the operational wellbeing of ConsumerHouse. Enthusiasm, dedication and proactivity are her most important assets.

If you have questions about joining our panel or if you want to have more specific information about the activities of ConsumerHouse, you can contact Joke at contact@consumerhouse.be!

Business size

1-10 employees


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