About Us

The DAEL Group consists of six independently operating subsidiaries: DAEL Data & Electro, DAEL Telecom, DAEL Telecom UK, DAEL Power, DAEL Security and DAEL Rail. These firms operate on the cutting edge of innovation, each within its own area of expertise. As a group of firms, the DAEL Group does not only cover a wide range of projects but also several countries: Belgium, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

DAEL Data & Electro is our allround specialist when it comes to electrical engineering. This subsidiary mainly serves the utility sector.

DAEL Telecom carries out a wide range of aspects when it comes to wireless telecoms network infrastructure. From acquisition, planning and design through installation and commissioning. Deployment of fixed and temporary towers to support or expand mobile networks are also amongst the DAEL Telecom activities.

DAEL Power ensures the availability of utilities at (construction / telecom) sites. This subsidiary is an expert in the field of power supply. (Emergency) power supply and energy management are topics amongst our portfolio.

DAEL Security supplies and installs high end security solutions to scan passengers, baggage and cargo at the Port of Rotterdam or an international airport like Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

DAEL Rail is an expert that focuses on innovative services provided to railway infrastructure and rolling stock. In the rail sector, installation and maintenance requires specialist expertise.

The DAEL Group also has interests in HNL, Tizzon and Detawest.

The industries in which we operate are fast paced and constantly developing. This makes it important to be an innovative firm which keeps up with the latest technology. Our people are experienced and have the skills, expertise and required training to perform activities for our clients.

For job vacancies, visit www.dael-careers.co.uk (UK only) or www.werkenbijdael.nl (Dutch only).

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence