About Us

DVNutrition V.O.F. is a joint venture between DOC Kaas and Volac. DVN is a whey processing facility that has produced whey proteins and lactose based ingredients since 2004.

Both DOC and DVN are located at the Agribusiness area, “Het Zuivelpark” in Hoogeveen. Both sites are positioned close to each other and use the same site and facility equipment. By using a modern energy centre total energy control is achieved. DOC has built one of the biggest stand alone Gouda cheese production plants in Europe. DVN processes the DOC whey directly into speciality whey products.

Volac does the sales and marketing of all DVN products.

DVNutrion UA is split up per January the 1st 2014 in DVNutrition V.O.F. (activities) and WPFH BV (assets).


Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence