About Us

Five Continents B.V. - Trader in Culinary Treasures

Five Continents is an ambitious company with the goal to take its customers along on a culinary journey around the globe, by introducing Culinary Treasures from over five different continents. From Europe to Asia, and from South America to Africa, no matter where in the world, Five Continents always has something new and exciting to introduce to each continent.

With a history and background in the trade and export of fresh produce by airfreight, the complete range of fresh fruits and vegetables that we offer is still making the flagship business of the company. Yet, Five Continents is further expanding the trade in other Culinary Treasures, such as seafood, cheese, and chocolate, and delivering tailor-made service to our customers.

Among our clientèle are wholesale importers, retailchains, the Hotel- and Restaurant Industry, as well as (airline-)caterers and shipchandlers, especially located in Asia, the Middle East & Africa.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence