About Us

Charitable foundation ‘Stichting Future for Youth’ is based in the Netherlands and performs its activities all over the world. Our main goal is to support children, youth and young adults who are in need of financial, educational, medical or any other support.

We work in a project-based approach and we believe that there is no common solution even to problems that look similar. For every project we know the exact situation, thus we can focus on specific needs and tailor our solution to the given details. All our projects have a direct involvement of a representative of the foundation. All our activities are transparent, at any time we can provide an update on a project. We are personally involved and therefore feel personally responsible.

How can You help us?
- by spreading the word… we need ambassadors and a platform of enthusiasts that understand our approach and support us
- by bringing new ideas and initiatives… this way we are able to make our effort even stronger
- by getting us into contact with specialists… as every project is unique, we are seeking advise from various specialists: from psychologists to architects
- by sponsoring us financially, by products or services… every single project is dependent on resources: call minutes, paid specialist, courses, envelopes, petrol, trainings, and a lot of other resources
- by direct involvement… because the skills you have might be ideal to apply in our projects

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence