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Tilburg has to be seen in person. Visit the city, walk around, be amazed by the varied architecture, art, culture, music, street cafés, shops and open spaces. Meet the people: 'the jovial Brabander' and the bright, creative youngsters who represent the future of our city. You will certainly see plenty of students since they make up almost a fifth of the city's population. They add colour to the city centre and make an enormous contribution to the culture and atmosphere of the city.

Tilburg is not a particularly large city by world standards, although it is home to over two hundred thousand people. The city nestles in a particularly green and varied setting, and one can travel from the bustling city centre into the peace and quiet of the countryside in practically no time at all. A visit to Tilburg can easily be combined with a few hours at one of the nearby attractions, which include the Beekse Bergen Safari Park and the magical De Efteling theme park. The other major cities of Noord-Brabant – Eindhoven, Breda and Den Bosch – are also within easy reach.

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