About Us

Hatek Lastechniek since 1972 a wholesaler, specialized in welding products. Hatek not only delivers welding products, but also advises and assists its clients with complex welding jobs. Hatek has its own welding school where your welders can be trained and certified welders. Hatek has its own service center for repair and maintenance of all your welding equipment.

Hatek supplies the following brands of consumables, equipments & accessories:

• EWM, welding equipment.
• Hypertherm, plasma cutting equipment.
• Oerlikon, welding wire and welding electrodes.
• Hydroweld FS electrodes, where standards are set for welding in the wet.
• Elisental, aluminum & magnesium welding wire & rods.
• Rob Welding, let’s robots do the job.
• Speedglas and Optrel, automatic welding helmets.
• Plymovent, welding smoke capture & filtration.
• Binzel welding guns & torches.
• Gloor, Precioso Hornung, autogenous tools.
• Cepro, welding curtains – screens & heat resistant & isolating materials.
• ProArc, welding manipulation equipment.
• Förster, 3D-Welding table systems, special devices & handling solutions
• Weldas, welding gloves & clothing
• Koike, oxy-fuel cutting machines
• Weld-Tech, tools for pipes

Also imports Hatek under their own brand name AlWell, an extensive program of welding & brazing consumables & accessories.
Hatek is an independent supplier of industrial gases, with our own delivery service accurately & fast delivered.

Hatek your complete supplier of welding technology.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence