About Us

Machinefabriek Klinkenberg Zaanstad BV

Based in Krommenie, specialises in internal transport and bulk handling using screw conveyors.
We design, manufacture and deliver an extensive range of screw conveyors (through conveyors or tubular
conveyors) for various products, live bottom screw feeders, hoppers with screw feeders, stilling basins,
agitated screw feeders, dosing screws, cooling and heating screws for sterilizing and pasteurizing and, of course, individual screw augers and augers of other types.

We also design dewatering presses for waste, bag compactors and chain/bucket elevators, plus paddle mixers and spiral mixers for various media. Since a few years ago, anyone using screw conveyors has had to deal wit
the ATEX directives. This remains a hot item in the industry. For that reason, Klinkenberg Zaanstad has
specialised in supplying ATEX-certified screw conveyors. To determine which category a machine falls
under, |it has to be tested by the EU’s Notified Body. For us, this is the TÜV.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence