About Us

LUCROS Railway Engineering is an engineering and consultancy firm for the railway business. Our purpose is to deliver system integration designs or design support to rolling stock related companies, like operators, leasing companies, rolling stock manufacturers and component suppliers.

Besides system integration designs, we also supply extensive knowledge about certification, retrofit applications and rebuilds for railway vehicles. Located in the south of the Netherlands, with Rotterdam, Antwerp and Cologne within 2 hours driving distance, we aim at the north-western European locomotive and special vehicle market mainly, although work on passenger rolling stock is also done on a regulat basis.

For the Dutch and Belgian market we also deliver services for event recorder analysis (ARR/JRU/DRU analysis) to operators to fulfill IVW/INFRABEL requirements in case of an incident on public main lines.

NOTE TO MARKETING ORGANISATIONS: We have no interest in unsollicited mail, nor in exclusive dealerships for equipment and components.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence