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Luminis Executors is a private law practice specializing in International Genealogical Research and Estate Settlement. Luminis is licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice to perform private investigations [POB 1403] and is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority [1545901]. Its owner, Klaas Zondervan, is registered as a probate lawyer at the Dutch Organization of Legal Advisors (NVRA) and is a member of both the Dutch Organization for Executors (NOVEX) as well as MasterExecutors (MeesterExecuteurs).

Under the flag of the Luminis Estate Settlement Foundation, Luminis is appointed as an Executor in Last Wills and Testaments as mentioned in article 4:142 of the Dutch Civil Code and as a Trustee as mentioned in article 4:153 of the same. The Luminis Foundation on many occassions acts as a Liquidator and in that capacity completes a procedure called the 'Legal Liquidation', either on behalf of the Legal Heirs or appointed by the Dutch Court (see article 4:202 lid 1 sub b of the Dutch Civil Code).

Luminis is skilled in tracking down lost heirs and other beneficiaries worldwide, but specializes in The Netherlands, Belgium and former Dutch colonies such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Luminis is able to solve complex border-crossing genealogical puzzles and find missing heirs, amongst other things by closely working together with colleagues in other countries as well as by having exclusive access to international databases. Through our intervention, many assets that would otherwise go to the State, can now be distributed to the legal beneficiaries.

For more information about Luminis Executors and the Luminis Foundation, please visit www.helderverlicht.nl. For more information about the national partnership between Executors called 'MasterExecutors', go to www.meesterexecuteurs.nl. Can we be of service? Please don't hesitate to give us a call at +31(0)172-747412 or +31(0)6-15406630.

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