About Us

NXbursT Europe BV is the main distributor of the NXbursT™ Safety Cartridges for Europe and the Baltic States. In cooperation with our sub-distributors we guarantee a European wide quick and professional service.

The NXbursT™ Safety Cartridges are classified as pyrotechnics for technical purpose 1.4s / UN0432.

The cartridges are used in;

- Mining.
- Quarrying.
- Secondary and primary boulder breaking.
- Trenching.
- Demolition.
- Civil excavations.
- Underwater blasting.
- Tunneling

The advantages of the NXbursT™ Safety Cartridges;

- Easy to use, transport and store.
- No detonation!
- Less vibrations and no noise pollution.
- No fly-rock or schockwave.
- Environmental friendly.

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