About Us

Shopzonline, featuring functionalities on par with Magento Enterprise, is an affordable, flexible and scalable e-commerce platform. At Shopzonline we help (online) retailers realize their greatest potential through our e-commerce excellence approach.

The Shopzonline platform differs from most of the existing e-commerce platforms, which tend to be based around solving operational issues i.e. complex catalogue, multi-channel/multi-lingual and/or fulfillment management. Our platform has been developed from a commercial perspective and built specifically to meet the needs of fast-growing, medium-sized (online) retail enterprises. It’s focus lies in boosting online businesses and fulfilling the most important KPI of a web shop i.e. increasing conversion rates, from leads through to sales and repeat business.

Most importantly, the platform has integrated marketing and reporting tools essential for managing ”real-time” performance. It is flexible enough to allow for tweaking in re-action to performance analytics. And, it is quickly scalable and easily customizable allowing for future growth.

Besides developing e-commerce software, Shopzonline also offers consulting and hands-on management with regards to defining and implementing high performing e-commerce projects.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence