About Us

The information society is changing rapidly. Things that seem new today could easily become tomorrow’s media archaeology. I’ve spent the last six years working in scholarly publishing at the renowned Amsterdam University Press. During these years I both encountered and adapted our organisation to confront several problems and changes that we’re facing in the field of scholarly publishing. Changes like the movement to Open Access publishing, implementing new business models, developing enriched publications and finding solutions for Open Data, to name just a few.

Institutes, specializing in both research and cultural heritage are rapidly digitizing their archives and collections. At the same time they’re trying to find solutions for preservation, distribution and dissemination of this data and their research. Publishers, on the other hand, struggle with the same issues but from another perspective.

The expertise Sondervan Publishing provides for these players in the field of scholarly publishing rests on two pillars: a solid technical background, combined with years of experience in scholarly publishing and cutting edge publishing models. This expertise makes Sondervan Publishing a valued partner for publishers, museums and research institutes that are searching for new ways of getting their information to the right public.

Contact: info@sondervanpublishing.nl

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1-10 employees

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