About Us

Spike Spike Technics is part of the Group, with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Spike Group was founded in 1982 as one of the first companies in the BeNeLux focused exclusively on commercial automation.

Since then, we offer professional software and hardware tailored to each organization.
Every organization is unique and has its own business, so all software is developed and customized.

From the beginning, quality and professionalism very highly valued stood the Spike group quickly grew into a successful company in the Benelux.

Meanwhile, there are many known packages developed example Profinad and Veemflex.

The Spike Group has established and respected name in different countries in Europe in many different types of businesses.

In 2003, the Spike Group has chosen its market area to further enhance and expand with telecommunications.

The knowledge of all employees of the Spike Group is always up-to-date, so you can always count on a solid answer.

There is always used famous quality brands and some good partners so that after almost 30 years still high quality and professionalism is delivered.

The Spike Groepis grown into an organization that offers professional software, telecommunications, total ICT business solutions.