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About Us

The organization is in the hands of five students from the faculty of Industrial Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven. The “Stichting Bedrijfskunde Congres Industria (SBCI)”, also called the “Congrescommissie” is supported by study association Industria. This year the 32st Industria Congres will take place in the Philips Stadion.

Every year a theme is carefully selected based on news for businesses and relevance with the study Industrial Engineering. The theme for this year is: "Changing Technologies: The Impact on Business Operations". Themes from previous years are: "Business agility: Flourishing in a Constantly Changing Business Environment" (2014), "Big Data: Big Business or Big Brother?" (2013), “Selling Technology” (2012), “Dynamic Business Networks: Collaborate to Compete” (2011), “Entrepreneurship” (2010), “Open Innovation” (2009), and “Total Cost of Ownership” (2008). This year's theme is "Business Agility", the ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

For more information about the Industria Congres please take a look at our website: http://www.industriacongres.nl or contact: voorzitter@industriacongres.nl


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